Professional Fishing 2 – How to Catch Big Fishes Most Easily

Spoiler Warning! A short little guide how to catch the easiest big fish 3kg +

How to Catch the Easiest Big Fish

I do this for players who like to experience a drill, the drill in Professional Fishing 2 is not as easy as I thought (very real I think) you have to be careful during the drill that the fish is pulled in by the brake (the sound of the reel is unfortunately not yet heard during the drill)

My Setup:

Rod PFE Tele Float 5 kg > Reel PFE Ceoss 2,5 kg > line 2,2 kg > PFE Hook Gr. 8 0,2-3,5 kg

Bait = Worm

Fishing depth 1,60-2,20 (all over 3 kg caught on 2,20m)

Fishing time always in the morning between 5:30-7:30 and in the evening 18:30-22h)

The two best and easiest spots.

1st Spot:

This is the left spot, just behind the fishing store.

Here just stand on the right edge, and cast the rod towards the other bank with max power (any spot on the screenshot is good, don’t always fish on the same spot).

2nd Spot:

The spot is on the right side of the fishing store.

Here put the rod on the left side at the edge, and fish exactly like spot 1. Above.

There are many more spots that are also good, you have to find out for yourself.

I have the brake always at 45% so you see after 2-3 times drilled how you have to adjust it, the fish behave real on the hook, which I find very good.

You always have to make sure to turn the brake back down in time.

When pulling in, you almost always have to put the brake higher, so on 65% but as soon as it comes into the red area, the role takes pity (which is expensive to repair) if you do not do that, the fish pulls line, and you fight for a long time.

Topic Bugs / Errors > you do not hear the reel when drilling when the fish pulls the string in the fight.

The rod sometimes behaves very buggy (bends strangely) when catching the fish.

But just test it yourself, I just wanted to share a bit of my experience.

These were my best results today:

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