Pizza Tower – How to Defeat Pizzaface without Die

Guide to Beat Pizzaface

I beat him without getting hit one single time in each phases.

First Phase

Throw the enemies at Pizzaface (when hes in the sky or when hes at the ground after he used his second attack) but pay attention when hes spawning too many enemies (kill a lot of them but not ALL of them).

Second Phase

This is the hardest phase.

When pizzaface 8 or 7 life is easy, just avoid the attacks but when pizzaface got hit 3 times. The old pizza will come back my shooting you with like a circle, pay really attention to that circle and dont go where pizzaface will go.

Third Phase

The four bosses arent so much of a problem, cause u already beat them but in the last part.

Pizzaface will come back with four attacks (try to remember all of this attacks).

In the first 4 attacks he will use just one move, but after that he will use 2 move then in the last attacks he will use all of his attacks. Then you will win by hitting him for the last time.

Hope this helped.

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