Pizza Tower – How to Beat Vigilante (Boss Guide)

Tips for Defeating Vigilante

You can charge your shots by holding down the shoot button. It’s a little bit weird compared to charge shots from other games, since releasing the button before it gets to fully charge does nothing and it auto fires when it’s fully charged. But, if you get the hang of it, try to time your charge shots when he’s about to get out of his “stunned”/invincibility state. Saves time.

Get the hang out of parrying. If you don’t know, doing the pose (C by default) before an attack hits you makes you parry the attack. It doesn’t deal damage to bosses, but it’s pretty handy for a lot of attacks the bosses throw at you.

Vigilante always does the same attacks in the same order. Memorize them.

Get rid of the ghost ASAP. It takes only one normal shot to kill him. The cow is also quite annoying, but I think it takes more than one charge shot to get rid of it (been a while since I’ve done the fight), so I usually just avoid or parry it.

The rocket launcher is relatively straight foward to deal with:Move out of the way and jump to dodge the fire.

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