Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Jobs & Skills Tips

Jobs & Skills

If you have a job that lacks either HP or Defense? Apply an inherited skill of “Soul Capture” from the Pyro Dancer job. Not only is this a strong attack without a crazy mp cost, but the recovery hp you get in return can be more than you expect at times.

Add the inherited skill of “Substitution Jutsu” from the Kunoichi job. This allows your character to give your turn to another character in your party. This is a boon when you feel that every turn matters in a battle and a specific attack is needed from your party.

Another inherited skill you might want to consider putting on “lower power hitting” jobs/characters is the “Thousand Stings jutsu” also from the Kunoichi job. This sends a swarm of bees to attack a group of enemies causing a high chance of them being paralyzed. I’m not going to lie………….this is totally becoming a favorite on Chitose as a Housekeeper.

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