Oxygen Not Included – Tips for Power

Tips for Power

Energy preservation is just as important as anything else! Especially when starting on a new asteroid.

I usually skip coal altogether (you need it for later things as well) or only use a tiny amount for power of it. This is also true for other key resources, like water or dirt for example. The game “tricks” you into thinking you need those to survive right away, while in reality it’s best to save them for a later date.

The hamster wheel is the most obvious alternative, but not having too many dupes is a solid strategy as well.

(You really don’t need that many to be successful… I usually have only between 7 and 12 dupes in the late game. Early game, no more than 4. (First create a stable power, food and O2 production).

Learning how to manipulate the AI by using the different priorities options is more important imho than having a ton of dudes who get “nothing” done. But this is a whole topic on it’s own.

The best thing to do is to dig out and search for renewable sources the second you start. My personal favorite is hydrogen, but natural gas is just as valid.

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