Tips to Use Great Sword

Understanding the weapon style/gameplay is your priority, GS has something very different from other weapons due to it’s slower animation in mhr though u will get used to it in no time once you have enough practice.

To start off using GS optimally, your first step is by using first few minutes to understand/read what’s the monster tells, when in enraged mode they have different combo/extended combo so take a bit of the time to read it instead of straight away bonking.

GS first and foremost, monster knowledge is your advantage due to how slow the weapon is you need a good opening to do the most damaging move which is True Charged Slash(TCS). In order to do so you must have the monster knowledge u up against in the hunt taking all big opening as to unleash it.

Some monsters have lesser opening or the window just smaller than the others so in this case u can do draw slash and sheath and get back to position rinse and repeat until there is enough opening to do TCS once again.

Try not to whiff cuz whiffing for GS is a big time loss, now im going to go into how to quickly into tcs. First in GS kit you have tackle which provides hyper armor and dmg reduction tanking attack beware of tanking attack that big enough that can cart you or locked u into tackle cycle this means you ned to tackle consecutively otherwise the follow up wil take big chunk of your hp or in which case you able to take second hit just let it knock you down instead of tanking if there is another follow up for the third. Tackle is one of your arsenal to quickly transition into TCS the combo can be in multiple ways.

The first way is draw slash-tackle-tcs, while unsheath you roll into tackle/tackles into tcs, or u can roll into tackle -side slap into tackle/tackles again into tcs. The last combo is either to repostion yourself if u find yourself not close enough to monster/when you want to simply move further a bit to avoid incoming attack. This is the basic of GS without any silkbind skills for GS everything is about timing and positioning.

There is one more combo and easiest and safest to use but this needs you to practice, while u in sheath mode use block then tackle this will bring you into strong charged slash immediately then if you want to go into TCS early just tackle again. This is by far the fastest way to transition into TCS but this needs practice and muscle memory otherwise you wilbe not using it much.

Guard tackle is a great way to just ignore a monsters attack without the risk of carting, it just doesn’t cover ss much distance as tackle, and trades a bit of sharpness instead. Follow with true charge slash for big chunky damage, or if you know a monster likes to combo, rage slash for that unga bunga counter damage when the monster hits you during the charge of rage slash. Strongarm stance, assuming you have sunbreak and are that far, is just a true counter move. Sunbreak also introduced surge slash combo. Considerably lower damage, but makes the greatsword far far quickly. Your chances of using rage or true charge though drop to need zero if doing surge slash combo though in my experience.

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