NecroVisioN – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Hard work: terminal commands and cheat codes are always available if that’s not your thing. We’ll go over some NecroVisioN cheats with you that will make the game simpler and/or more enjoyable!

How to Enable Console

To enter the cheat console, use [~] Tilde key (the key above Tab).

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • nvngod – God Mode!
  • nvnalllevels – Unlocks All Challenge Room levels.
  • nvnunlock – Unlocks All Special Shadow Hand attacks.
  • nvnweapons – Unlocks All Weapons.
  • nvnammo – Full Ammo.
  • nvnmana – Full Mana.
  • nvnhealme – Full Health.
  • nvnmakemyday – Full Ammo + Full Health.
  • nvnssao – Unlocks Lightning Map.
  • nvnchain – Maximum Fury Level Granted / Normal Fury Level Granted.
  • nvnsh – Unlocks Shadow Hand.
  • nvngrinder – Grinding Machine Mod.
  • nvngyjmode – Fairy Mode.
  • nvnfunny – Toon Mode.

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