Battlezone: Combat Commander – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Are you weary of looking through every cheat list there is? Then you should definitely try this! This Battlezone: Combat Commander game hacks tutorial is clear-cut, uncomplicated, and easy to comprehend. Play around!

How to Enable Console

You must use [Ctrl] + [~] to access the console in order to enter desired cheat codes.

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • game.cheat bzbody – God Mode!
  • game.cheat bzradar – Turn off Fog of War.
  • game.cheat bzeditor – Turn on Map editor.
  • game.cheat free – All units and structures are free.
  • game.cheat bztnt – Unlimited ammo.
  • game.cheat bzwinner – Wins game.

Profile Name Cheats

  • playisdf – Starts game as ISDF campaign.
  • playscion – Starts game as Scion campaign.
  • playallisdf – Starts game as ISDF campaign + all missions unlocked.
  • playallscion – Starts game as Scion campaign + all missions unlocked.

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