Escape the Backrooms – All Maps

Detailed level maps for the game Escape the Backrooms. At the end of this manual you will also find a detailed block diagram of how the levels are connected in the game.

All Maps

Level 0

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Habitable Zone (Section 3)

Level 3: Electrical Station

Level 4: Abandoned Office

Level 5: Terror Hotel

  • Floor 1: The Lobby
  • Floor 2: The Hotel

17564, 05938 or 89472

  • Floor 3: The Boiler Room

Level Fun

Level Run

Level 6: Lights Out – The Dark Area

Level 7: Thalassophobia

  • Over the Water
  • Underwater

Level 8: Cave System

Level 0.11: Water Damage

Level 9: Darkened Suburbs

Abandoned Outpost

Level 10: Field of Wheat

Level Progression Diagram

This is a flowchart that explains how the game is connected and where you’ll end up on each level.

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