Necesse – Starter Tips and Tricks

How to Start (Advice List)

  • Don’t worry about villagers and the town until you’ve upgraded a bit, more of a hassle until you’ve got enough stuff to do stuff with them.
  • Spears are good, magic spells are great range weapons.
  • Summons aren’t bad, more of a supplement in this game, but having 14 of them running around shooting and stabbing things does tend to rip basic enemies to pieces… very helpful just wandering at night.
  • Early the quickest one to get that is good is the one from snow bio chests… summons little snowmen who attack at range.
  • Armour is your friend in this game, you can get +4 armour on every trinket… its possible to mitigate even the end boss damage down to single digit numbers. Damage that you can tank and heal through. Mages can reroll it for a cost… see g below to control that aspect. (which I guess is really dependant on which difficulty you pick).
  • Demons heart = +100 hp (from the first boss fight), the next 100 comes from much later deep dungeon ore + sunflowers.
  • The dark portals you get early summon a very easy boss (the first one) to fight if you’ve got a halfway decent spear, and have the summons… doubles your health and gives you some better upgrade options.
  • Horde your bombs and your dynamite.
  • Once you are able to take the dungeons out, they should become your goto location… They have tons of stuff for your settlements – beds, chests, and assorted housing stuff.
  • Then the explosives… well, the dungeon walls are what you want here… you want to literally murder the walls of it… take thousands and thousands of them home… every stack sells for 1000 coins and with bombs its quick and easy to get hundreds of thousands of coins.
  • Rock can be obtained in vast quantities by bombing the area below your start… good material to spam build a settlement.
  • Since I am on settlements largely with this, its easiest to just ‘buy’ villagers when they arrive at your town since they will only want coins. Buying them from other towns requires coins + 50-100 x1-2 resource items.
  • Its not super hard to go to the ice area and mine ore and resources after a little stint in the caves… So get ore, upgrade your spear, upgrade your pick. Go to the next area… repeat.. Cave area at the start -> Ice area -> Swamp area with the dungeon fitting in where ever, and the desert where ever… you can skip the desert for upgrading if you want… the bird boss can drop a great spear for helping you out.
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