Necesse – Cheats (Console Commands)

Debug Menu (Commands Console)

How to Enable Debug Menu

Using cheats does however disable achievements in the world you do it in!

To open the debug menu, you first have to enable achievements with the chat command:

  • /allowcheats

You have to type it in twice to confirm it, and then you can press F10 to open it.


If you really want to disable raids, you can do so with the commands:

  • Run “/allowcheats” twice to allow cheats.
  • Run “/settings disableraids 1” to disable raids.


Whenever you have the debug menu open and no tool selected, you can hold shift and left click to teleport.


Cheats are more for testing purposes or for fun once you’ve already beaten everything and it cannot be stated enough that they disable achievements.

Unfortunately not possible to disable cheats once you have them enabled. There should’ve been a clear warning about this when you enabled them, and you’ll have to create a new world.

If you want to test out something, you could create a backup from the main menu load screen and enable cheats on that.

You can open the folder in settings -> general -> open saves folder, or navigate to:

  • %APPDATA%/Necesse/saves

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