Mystwood Manor – Why VIP Guests Failing?

VIP Guests Failing

Just because they’re VIP that still doesn’t mean you can’t fail with them if the girls are not at the skill level required, or the room hasn’t been upgraded etc. They can still be dissatisfied.

Also just because the girls skills are level 3 doesn’t mean they will please the guest it is also dependent on how experienced they are at level 3.

Success is not just a matter of matching guest/staff skill levels. Each of the guests has a success percentage. You can see it on their profile when they check in. They also have a number of stars that roughly equates to their level of difficulty.

You can boost your staff success level by training, equipping cards and items, and by purchasing the Office boost(s) to upgrade service. This will enable you to get over the hump with the tougher characters.

Another tip for getting past the tougher characters is to not have too many guests when they are checked in. That will enable you to focus on assigning the best possible staff to cater to their needs. In the case of the Alvarez/Fernandez family you will sometimes need another family member checked in to advance their story. Focus on those two and you should be able to get through Sofia’s requirements without too much trouble.

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