Escape Memoirs: Mansion Heist – How to Solve the Family Puzzle

Family Puzzle Solution

Why it isn’t the notable Margaret:

The Arvonstein family tree has three Margarets. The only one of the Margarets who has a text-entry about them is the one born in 1774, who is mentioned to have followed ALL of her grandfather’s religious practices.

If you look at the family tree, you can see that her grandfather is the Albert Arvonstein who has a text-entry about himself. In his text entry it is mentioned that his religious practices involved shaving his head.

Thus, since the statue of Margaret has hair, it must be that the statue is depicting one of the other two Margarets.

As to how to figure out which one of the remaining two it is:

The Margaret born in 1748 died in 1750. Since the statue depicts an adult, it cannot be this Margaret. Thus, through the process of elimination the only possible Margaret is the one born in 1853.

We hope this helps clear things up.

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