Mystwood Manor – Gameplay FAQ + Tips

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Cheat inside of the game?

Yes, there is a cheat menu in the game. You don’t need the cheats in story mode, but they do come in handy in normal mode.

How does a wishing well work? Does it actually tell you when it gives you those things?

It’s automatic, but you won’t know what the increase is until you go back to the Manor and look at the reputation (purple orb in the upper left) and the destiny bar (to the right of the reputation orb and amount of cash you have). That said, if you’re already at Manor level 5, that’s as high as the level goes. So you won’t notice any difference if you select “Fama”. If you select “Fatum”, hover your mouse over the destiny bar and it will tell you how many destiny points you have.

If you spend 500, you get 50 points. If you spend 1000, you get 100 points.

How to get need my meds?

Visit Fitzwill in the woods and ask to see his wares and you can buy them from him.

I have most of my staff at level 5, once they hit that is there any reason to keep leveling up their individual skills?

I would recommend maxing all of the girls’ skills as some guests can be rather finicky.

How to do the (A Pattern for Catalina) quest?

Catalina’s “A Pattern” event is at night. So instead of clicking “Go to bed”, click “Check on staff” and click on Catalina.

Missing last hidden achievement?

Visit the lake at night.

Amount of XXX scenes?

All in all, there are about 130 animations, and 4700 images, divided across around 50 different scenes.

How to back up dialouge?

You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

How to improve in the sex’s scene?

Progress with the girls by completing their other events before playing any of the repeatable ones. That is how you improve your relationship with them.

How much money is needed to pay off the debt?


I cant find the item to get the final teir for the girls?

The well isn’t a requirement for any of the items for the bonus tier rewards. The only requirement is completing the MC’s “Cracking the case” event (which unlocks the spider at the lake). But to complete the MC’s event, you need to have completed all of Orville’s events first (since the history he provides is one of the responses in the “Cracking the case” event).

So to Summarize:

  • Go to the General Store and purchase the fishing rod and flashlight.
  • Go to the Royal Stag and talk to Libby about skinny dipping (unlocks the lake on your exploration map).
  • Explore the lake to fish in order to find the bronze spider (see requirements).
  • Explore the woods to find a bronze crown.
  • Explore Isabella’s cottage to find the bronze rectangle.
  • Explore the cave and put the items on the correct statues.
  • Go to the Manor and equip the figurine to your MC and claim the girls’ rewards.


  • Requires you to have completed the “Cracking the case” event for the MC.
  • All 3 items can only be found exploring during the day.
  • Must have unlocked the cave when exploring the woods during the day.

How to raise love stat?

When in Planning mode you have three buttons to the right. The middle one shows you each employee. Click on one and click the progress tab. Look for a blue I icon , hover it. It shows what is needed next to move that relationship along.

Once you finish a tier and you have two check marks to the left click on the Claim to the right to get them skimpier cloths and move to the next tier.

How to get a guest to level up?

When Julia is in the lobby click on the number in the top left corner of the lobby and select what level guest you want. The level of guest can’t be higher than the level of your hotel.

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