Merge Adventure: Magic Dragons – How to Play Easy on Gardens of Agony

This short guide will help you to make your gaming experience much easier during The Gardens of Agony level.

Tips to Play Easy on Gardens of Agony

The Gardens of Agony level can be really frustrating around level 60. You face Eternal Spirits that can’t be killed but can kill all your creatures, causing a game over.

I have a two tips that can help:

Tip 1: Have Extra Eggs Ready

If you have 3 or more eggs of the same type accessible, you won’t fail if your creatures die. You can just hatch new ones from the eggs.

Use this strategy – if spirits kill your creatures but you have extra eggs, focus on merging to spawn new creatures from the eggs. Then finish the level.

Tip 2: Delete the Spirit’s Cage

You can actually just delete the golden cage holding the Eternal Spirit!

Since you can delete objects, use this to remove the annoying spirit bothering your creatures.

Hopefully these two simple tips help some of you get through the very aggravating Gardens of Agony. Just have backup eggs or remove the spirit entirely.

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