Haiku, the Robot – Cheat Way to Unlock Corrupt Mode

How to to Unlock Corrupt Mode

The cheat way to unlock Corrupt mode, is to change this value in the playerconfiguration.haiku file.

If save1Ending equals 1, it basically tells the game that you’ve defeated the virus on savefile slot 1. If it equals 2, then you’ve defeated the three creators.

If one of your savefiles (slot 1, 2 or 3) meet this condition then the Corrupt Mode window will pop up when starting a new game.

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Save File Location (How to Find)

The location of your saves should be at:


Important: The Save File / AppData folder is hidden by default. Find the [View] tab at the top of the page to reveal it by choosing the [Hidden Items] chekbox.

I hope this helps!

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