Marauders – Tips for Solo Players

Tips for Playing Solo

My general approach for playing solo is always go into a raid with just the basic stuff on the Rust bucket. You haven’t bought anything with you so no loss if you die, then everything you loot is essentially 100% profit from that point on.

I tend to play more stealthily, moving away from gun fights or picking opportunities to kill and loot NPC’s – only if absolutely necessary do I engage with other players.

Also making sure that I know when to get out, if you grab a few decent items (guns / armour etc) don’t over extend yourself and get out when you have the chance. The number of times I have found decent loot and got greedy and ended up dead…

Also try investing in silenced weapons or silencers – the amount of attention you can attract from both NPC’s and players alike can become a serious problem very quickly.

Once your inventory is filling up a bit you can risk some more of the basic weapons but I tend to revert back to the naked method if I have lost some stuff.

I tend to go slowly and listen often. I’ll even stop and wait for a few seconds once in a while so I can take time to look around and listen. The game seems to have really good sound design and I can usually tell exactly where someone is by the noise they’re making. It probably helps that I’ve got a few hours in Hunt: Showdown. Gunfire absolutely alerts people to your presence, that’s how I usually figure out where players are. I’ll often go the other way since I only play solo.

There’s no harm in jumping in, grabbing a small amount of loot, and leaving again. You can sell loot to traders so quick runs are profitable and useful. Even more profitable if you don’t waste any ammo and don’t take any damage to your gear that you’ll have to fix or replace. You’ve got limited air anyway, and I think that the longer you’re in a mission the more likely you are to run into other players that haven’t done a quick loot and scoot.

Don’t be afraid to use how loud everything is to your advantage. Try to move during footsteps or loud noises, gunshots, airlock doors, ect ect.

Use your movement tactically. If you hear footsteps approaching, don’t be afraid to run towards and back or just back and then abruptly stop to set up your ambush.

Many people will react predictably in these situations, combined with a very low time to kill, it lets you take advantage of the situation to turn the tides on an otherwise outnumbered fight.

Thats the main thing with games like this, sure gear helps, aiming helps, but if you can play smart, you can do some things without ever having to even engage another player, and when you have to, you get to bait them and set up the fight in your favor once you get a hang of what you’re doing.

Navy outposts with their SAS operatives can be a good way to grab some good amount of loot quickly (if you survive the first 3-4 enemies). They are not the hardest to defeat but once the closest operatives are dead the noise will attract more so it’s best to get their good stuff fast. The reinforcements can be heard from a distance because they tend to run a lot.

Seems like armour can be repaired quite cheaply so it’s always worth grabbing the better stuff. Some ammo types are bonkers expensive so it’s just better to empty guns if you don’t have space for full guns and grab the ammo out of them to then sell it with lots of profit.

The free Luger and ammo are good way to make some extra scrap and 9mm hogging is helpful if you have spare Stens.

Unlock small storage asap so you can fit all the extra stuff and open the ration and first aid boxes once you need them. Once you have enough first aid stuff don’t be afraid to take some small ones everytime you go raiding because they are literally life savers.

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