Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories – Rotation Lock Puzzle Tips

Here are few tips to solve for this puzzle in the Escape Memoirs: Mini Stories game.

Guide to Rotation Lock Puzzle Solution

You basically just have to trial-and-error it until it works.

Only tips are, as others mentioned, lock in the two small pins first.

Next, use all the bigger ones to align the openings in the rings as best you can towards the outside slots.

You might have to lock in one of the pins, then take it out again, rotate, then back in, rotate…

You’d have to have incredible spatial intelligence to be able to plan the entire thing, which is why there’s no walkthrough I think.

I just brute-forced it until it looked like I almost had it, then started thinking strategically “okay, where do I need to align my openings for the pins to go where they have to”.

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