Task Force – Console Commands

Console commands to help in the Task Force game.

How to Activate Console

To access the console, press the Tilde (~) key! On a keyboard, it’s typically to the left of the 1 key.

Console Commands

The following commands can be used by entering them into the console and pressing Enter.

  • quit – Exits the game immediately.
  • menu – Reconnects to the main menu after disconnecting from the current servers or lobby.
  • restart – Resets the scoreboard, round count, and timer while restarting the current map. All competitors will remain with their current squads.
  • players – Shows the Steam IDs of all players who are connected.
  • kick [Steam ID] – Kick followed by a player’s Steam ID will remove that player from your lobby / server.
  • ban [Steam ID] – Ban followed by a player’s steam ID will remove a player from your lobby / server.
  • clear – Clears all text from your console.
  • map [Name] – The map command will immediately change the current map and mode to the one entered.


  • map khimik extraction
  • map jazar demolition
  • map pantaro respawn

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