Lone Fungus – Tip for Corrupted Tunnel Big Room Mindshroom

Corrupted Tunnel Big Room Mindshroom Tip

By using the green bouncy orb spell you can get to the middle of the room somewhat easily.

Start on the left side with the Silver save point so you can regain mana quicky if you fail.

Jump forward and use spell, you get another jump back after you pogo of it, use your second jump (called updash) to line up pogo, Strike it 3 times and it should despawn before it reaches you again so you can cast another one.

This way you don’t need good timing as you can jump again and pogo off the new orb, do this slowly and with ~4-5 repeats you will be close enough to get Mindshroom.

This can be made easier with the Double Cast relic but is doable without it.

As long as you cast the spell first before jumping it should work but the floor for some reason sometimes eats the orb (it won’t bounce back up and get stuck in the floor) thus might need a few tries but you don’t need rapid imputs and the timing is fairly forgiving.

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