Desynced – Starter Tips for Local Mining

Local Mining Tips

Do not use transport bots to pick up ores from miners. Disable logistics (wifi symbol) on your miners so they do not deliver ore to multiple buildings, instead assign a single storage to every few miners (store button in row above wifi).

This way your miners will only travel when they are full, and transporters will carry full stacks instead of single units.

Unlock and produce dashbots as soon as possible – basic workers are extremely clunky and can cause traffic jams.

Don’t build too many factories/smelters of the same type if you struggle with particular products. Resources are spread across the buildings evenly, so if you are having a shortage it will take longer for any production to happen.

Try to use solar/wind power as soon as possible, eliminating the need for having miners to supply crystals to crystal power plants.

Also, if you happen to have any of those large nodes (with couple thousands of metal) you can place a 2S buildings next to them, with a miner module and fabricator set to smelting to have an instant access to ingots. You can deconstruct it later when no longer needed.

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