Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – Dodging Semi-Trucks Tips

Here you can find some tips that might help you to cheese the semi-truck dodging sequence in Sub-story 28.

Tips to Dodging Semi-Trucks

What I did was pick one side, and go in the middle of 2 lanes. You only dodge 1 car at a time, so it’s far more generous than it appears.

If you see one car coming at you, take the edge of the other lane. If you feel like you can’t react fast enough, start moving earlier.

Another thing is that you should keep an eye on the cars, not Ichiban. Easier said than done, I’ve been playing rhythm and bullet hell games so that skill isn’t foreign to me.

No car changes lane. Just imagine you’re playing an intense game of temple run. It sounds scary, but it’s not as complex as it looks it’s just got A LOT of moving parts making it look scary.

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