Cave Crawlers – Quick Tips for New and Existing Players

Tips and Tricks

While holding all weapons you can equip your torch as well, so you don’t have to deal with dropping the torch every time a pesky mob come out of nowhere. (holding your F key (default key binds) will have you strike flint&steel to see in front of you slightly for a limited time. (lets hope it doesn’t come to that though.)

(Refunding expertise) When finding a room with an angel statue kill every mob in the room then light the banisters(or whatever they’re called). Once you do that be prepared for a small wave of mobs to come at you from only one direction. once you kill those you are free to fully respec any of your spent expertise. (Right click on the icon of the skill point you want to refund)

When in a dungeon you have 2 options to getting out/going down. For getting out there is a rope going up with a torch next to it, which will let you extract. The last option for getting out is a recall potion (which are found in spider dens/crates, doors with a big spiderweb in front of it). it will have a 50/50 chance of either sending you back to the entrance of the floor you’re on or let you extract. For going down there’s an abandoned mine cart which will take you to a random floor. Then a room with a rope hanging from the ceiling going into a hole in the ground. (you will have the choice of 2 out of the 4 options generally, but you can also only have 1 option.

When using the Polearm and the ‘Jab’ skill, if you one shot a mob it will instantly replenish without a cooldown.

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