God Of Weapons – Skewer Achievement Tips

I honestly didnt find this all that hard to do. Here are some tips I’d give to help out.

Tips to Obtain Skewer Achievement



  • Reach 3 Pierces as the Sharpshooter

Tips and Tricks

  1. Obviously luck is a requirement. You want a good amount of luck in order to be offer the arrow head.
  2. Resource gain and enemy count. You want to be getting lots of money so that you can reroll more. Having more enemys is also a good thing as it’ll give more money and with high enough damage, you should be fine.
  3. Save money in the beginning. You wont see tier 3 items often in the early stages, so dont bother rerolling so much in the early game. Once your inventory is full then stop rerolling, I’d start spending all my money once I get to stage 10+

With those 3 in mind, I was able to get my achievement done quickly and when im playing a projectile build, I see those arrow heads often. So I highly dont agree that this achievement is “impossible”. Look at what your buying and ask yourself if these items are actually helping your build or not.

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