Immortal Life – How to Get New Cooking Recipes

This guide will give you some advice how to get more new recipes.

Guide to Get New Recipes

Doing the Requests

You can unlock a few recipes by doing the requests from the request board, and NPCs with yellow.

Over their head will sometimes give you one if you have the item they want in your inventory.

So you don’t necessarily have to give it over, just having it in your inventory is enough and it removes it for you).

Following the storyline will also unlock more as well.

The Market

There is a travelling merchant lady who shows up in the market at Spring Equinox.

She mentions coming periodically, so I’m not sure of her schedule.

At any rate, she sells a book of cooking recipes that use flowers as ingredients.


To unlock new cooking recipes you need to talk with the same girl that gives you access to the kitchen rental.

Probably need to do her “help in the kitchen” questline.

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