Terraformers – Project Choices Guide (What Should You Take)

Following my Leader appraisal thread, I started to think about whether I could put together a similar one that prioritised the Projects you can take each turn, and ensures the player makes the best choice (for both right now and for future turns).

Guide to Project Choices


Here’s my list (highest priority buildings first – you should ALWAYS take these if they appear). However note that certain buildings drop to almost zero priority if you have achieved a certain condition. These will appear in my list as the “Unless” clauses below.

Note 1: Obviously, every choice is situational and you very often will have a definite plan in mind which will dictate your choices. Take this just as a casual list of recommendations if you are not sure.

Note 2: Always pick something that you can build this turn if you don’t already have something to build in your hand, even if that something is sub-optimal. Everything you build helps you snowball in this game. And the earlier you build it the better, and the more value delivered.

The List

  1. Exploration Satellites [Unless: nothing, always take it. Make room in your space projects slots if you have to. Best Project in the game imo].
  2. Food producer [Unless: you have at least +30 Food per turn].
  3. Food booster (such as Soil Factory) [Unless: You already have one in your hand or have at least +30 Food per turn, or are absolutely miles away from being able to build it].
  4. Population building [Unless: you already have one in your hand OR there is currently nowhere decent to put one, so the next thing you plan to build using Food is a new City].
  5. Science Building affecting Projects (such as Research Centre) [Unless: You are already being offered at least 9 new Projects to chose at least 2 from every turn]. Having more choice in Projects will greatly smooth out your run. A very under-valued card type.
  6. Space Port or Landing Pad [Unless: you already have at least 12-14 Trade Routes]. Special Note: If you currently have a good flow of resources incoming, the priority of this Project goes WAY up, possibly as high as #1, because having the right currency to build what you need asap facilitates everything else you want to achieve.
  7. Luxury Dome: Unconditional Support is fantastic. This is your Get Out of Jail Free card. Your Ace in the hole. No need to play it early, just very strong to have for when you need it. Of course if you are currently Support-starved, this card’s priority goes straight to #1 [Unless: You are so well established that you know Support is not being to be an issue ever again in the current run].
  8. Power building [Unless: you have at least +10 Power per turn or already have one in your hand].
  9. Robots/Train/Bus Station [Unless: there are zero good Regional Locations nearby that the Robots or Station would allow you to reach immediately].
  10. Laboratory [Unless you already have at least +10 Science per turn].
    Notice I am very specifically stating Laboratory here, and not any other Science-producing building. This is because this Project is such a quick win and very under-costed for what it does. In short it is a terrific bargain.
  11. Population booster (such as Entertainment Complex) [Unless: You already have one in your hand]. Special Note: If you are currently Support-starved, the priority of this type of Project goes WAY up, possibly to #1.
  12. Win Condition building (such as Oxygen Factory or Bacterial Spreader).
  13. Anything else.
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