Trigon: Space Story – Useful Tips and Tricks

So, here is the thing. The game is not hard. It’s just…. weird. even if you have experience with FTL. So here are some tips to roll over the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Weapons. Rare weapons. Unique weapons. You got to unlock them. So a couple of failed runs to unlock them are needed. Aim for undiscovered sectors. There are amazing ones, that require very little energy. Completely upgrading your weapon system is not mandatory. You can have 4 amazing weapons and not need more than 6 energy.
  • Stealth. You want it. No need to super upgrade it, It kills enemy teleport.
  • Crew abilities. Some are stupidly overpowered. Like the pilot one that cuts enemy evasion to zero for 10 seconds (basically erasing them), or the shield operator ones that passively increase shield by 10 for any point of energy (bringing you well over 140 shield) and the active one that for the crazy, crazy price of one fuel instantly refills your shields. Not to mention the passive from engineers that give 2 energy to the room they are in.
  • Meteor shower locations: Go away. Asap. Meteors ignore your shield and wreck your systems. Don’t stay there and repair: Go. Away.
  • Food. Just upgrade your life system, it cuts down cost significantly.
  • Save money for weapons in station. You might just get lucky (you usually do).

There we go. You can finish it without taking damage in the biggest encounters.

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