Hearts of Iron IV – Most Beginner Friendly Nation List

Most Beginner Friendly Nations


  • You can do what ever you want with them. You have enough factories at the start to make a lot of divisions and you have the focus tree to have even more. And you can invade who you want pretty fast. Germany for the first 900 hours. Then maybe think about soviet union.

United Kingdom

  • UK will force players to use naval missions at the very least to contain Germany and to build planes to prevent a blitz of London.


  • It is particularly beginner friendly. Do not listen to anyone talking about “upcoming invasion in a little over a year!”. Nothing but propaganda.


  • You just sit on your ass all game and are free to take your time to do whatever you want since the AI won’t try to bumrush you at the start of the game.


  • Isn’t a bad option for a “chill, let me learn the game” sort of playthrough. Big enough to have some things to do while not really on any major power’s hit list.

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