Hearts of Iron IV – How to Breakthrough Defense of Greece as Germany

As known the main problem is well defended line with low supply. This guide contain few tips that will help to solve the problem.

Tips to Break Through Greece Defense

Greece is well known for its capability when it comes to defense, especially due to the terrain factors(mountains, narrow path to the capital, etc) and to break through the hard line, I think the easiest way (you could even say it cheesy) is to provide as many CAS planes as possible and shred them.

So the suggestions are:

  1. Build air bases and use planes.
  2. Use heavily armored forces.
  3. Build naval base, which also works as supply hubs. If you have convoys, your troops will be supplied.
  4. Take a few step backwards and let them get out of trenches, and then push back.

Side note: I’d rather produce more CAS planes than produce transport planes just to provide air supply, which is pretty useless nowadays.

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