WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition – Trekker Achievement Guide (Lost River DLC)

Here i’ll explain how unlocked trekker achievement easy.

How to Unlock Trekker Achievement


Trekker (Lost River DLC)

  • Move to a rendezvous site more than 5 kilometers away.


I did it in around an hour, give or take (on easy).

I looked at the map, planned out 7 hexes ahead, got everyone fed and awakened, took the pups to a grass patch near the border and woofed them in.

Then me and my mate marked out a line of territory to where we needed to go, and then came back for the pups.

Most of that was cos the pups were tiring fast, but that gave me and mate chance to hunt or scavenge.

I lost no pups, attacks were mostly stranger wolves but if you stay near grass patches you’ll be fine.

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