Disfigure – Useful Tips for New Players

Gameplay Tips

Make your Level up Engine ASAP

Don’t be afraid to abandon a run EARLY. Nothing more frustrating. at least to me. is battling RNG and trying to fix a broke build only to fail later with TON’s of EXP all around. and can’t be reached because of the horde.

Resist the temptation for flashy perks super early. if you can’t even kill to level up and survive the push. And speaking of this.

Quick Tip:

I use Multi-Shot’s Double-Shot to level and sustain offence. I Avoid Triple-Shot until I am ready for it.

Very huge jump in DPS early. but beware of Triple-Shot. Its weaker than Double. I feel it’s balanced with the Final Tier of Bullet Flower. Triple works then. at least or me.

While boosting Fire Rate and Damage perks, try to get EXP Magnet Perks as your conceptual EXP ENGINE.

All the EXP will just float to you and help you level up REALLY fast.

Shock’s Tree’s Electromagnetism or Swiftness + Gleam work very well.

I don’t see the logical need for both builds but not worth resetting the game. It’s just nice to have a spare Perk Tree for something else advantageous.

Shock is more convenient because its all in one Tree. but it has limitations. Direct hits without shock don’t float the EXP to you.

However Swiftness + Gleam combo is the best in my opinion hands down.

Then just experiment with the game’s perks and weapons. You can reliably level without as much threat of death, and be setup for the harder waves. not thinking of trying to grab the EXP.

And then Your Mid > End > Endless game will be much more prosperous and enjoyable.

Last Tips:

Don’t worry too much about losing hearts. Each boss drops one.

When you start getting into Endless game runs. by the time the critters can even get close to you and Test whatever your Shield Barrier build is .

Well… by then it starts turning into a losing battle QUICKLY once you lose the perks of Shield Barrier. very hard to fight it back.

I say… just save the mental energy, as well as the wrists. and just start another run with tweaking the build in question.

This should set you up nicely.

Oh and the Projectile slowdown perk “Meet your Maker” has worked way better wonders for me than “Projectile Deflection”.

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