Dungeons of Sundaria – Tips to Unstuck

This is for people struggling with content or nightmare difficulty. The issue is most likely your gear if you’re stuck. Set items make the game much easier at any rank.

Unstucking Tips

If you’re confused about what stats to look for on your items, here’s a quick prio list that has worked for me and friends:

  • Attack power (magic, ranged, melee power % increase)
  • HP % increase
  • Magic Resistance % increase
  • Armor % increase

After that critical strike chance and cooldown reduction on all items you can find are my recommends.

It’s ideal to have 2 or more of the highest prio stats on all your armor pieces, if you’re a ranged class you can obviously get away with the attack power increase over defensive stats. But if you’re melee you should probably find a good balance.

If you need consumables, sell some essences and buy big Rejuvination potions. The potions are 100% a nessisary expense on higher difficulties.

If you’re around 10k hp and 1500 in armor and magic ress, you should be able to get through most of the game on nightmare difficulty except the last dungeon.

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