Evolings – Tips to Beat Second Boss

Second Boss Tips

In my opinion, you can take any combnination of Evoling that you prefer.

  • What will matter “more” is the items you go into battle with, say…
  • A shield bottle thing that gives 100 shield to an evoling.
  • The sponge to cleanse debuffs like confuzzle and Asleep…
  • Or you could even be cheeky and get the Empty bottle to capture an Evoling and capture one ghost, since that will be one less ghost to deal with (Assuming they’re un-fusioned evolings of course)…
  • There is more of course, but it usually depends on your lineup, kind of…

Now if you really want team comp advice, I suggest a Space Evoling, my choice goes to the Star Evoling, because its fusion is super good, the Shooting Star is super strong with its Motivation Skill (Increases Attack of all allies for the entire battle – And stacks with itself) so you can basically swarm the boss and zerg him down.

You could also go defensive with the Asteroid Evoling and its defense thing that prevents an attack.

My point is, space Evolings are super good and should not be slept on.

Other than that, I don’t really know, I don’t think Peppermints are super good due to their innate miss chance, maybe a Frosty (or its fusion) could be useful for the Freeze chance.

Hope this helps you.

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