Gedonia – Necromancer Guide

Necromancer Build Guide

I don’t have much experience using dark magic skills, but I do have a lot of experience with Gedonia’s mechanics in general. This is my suggested build for a fully minion focused necromancer:


Either 4 intellect and 3 charisma, or 3 intellect and 4 charisma.


  • Skull mask
  • Robe of the necromancer
  • Gloves of the necromancer
  • Pants of the necromancer
  • Shoes of the necromancer
  • Dark lord cloak
  • Dark lord necklace
  • Ring of the lord of the darkness x2
  • Rune of darkness
  • Warped doomblade x2 in first weapon loadout (see lower priority skills below)
  • Warped doomblade + Astral fire in second weapon loadout

Crafting Skills:

  • Tailoring 7 to make the skull mask. I suggest using embroidery to add health instead of mana, since 90% of your maximum mana will be reserved by summons anyway.
  • Enchanting 6 to get +30% magic damage on all three doomblades.
  • Optionally also take Blacksmithing 6 and Leatherworking 6 for some extra stats on your armor, though they aren’t too important for a necromancer.
  • Use an oblivion potion to retrain out of the crafting skills once your gear is all set up.

High Priority Skills:

Dark Magic 15

  • Dark Element Level 2
  • Dark Pact Level 2
  • Shadowwave Level 3
  • Mastery skill: powerful skeletons
  • Bone serpent Level 3

Elemental Magic 8

  • Elemental attack
  • Wind Element Level 2


  • Wind element for skeleton archers, who tie with elemental mage skeletons for top DPS but with fewer skill points required.
  • Tanky melee skeletons aren’t really necessary since you can re-summon killed skeletons at will for zero resource cost.
  • Dark element level 2 and elemental attack are taken to give you a direct attack option, but it’s optional since your own damage will be pathetic compared to your skeletons.
  • Shift+V to summon your minions to your location! Very important!

Lower Priority Skills:

(Dark Magic)

  • Drain Health Level 2
  • Raise Skeleton Mage Level 2

Elemental Magic 15

  • Elemental Beam Level 2
  • Mastery skill: Focus the element effectiveness
  • Fire Element Level 2
  • Ice Element Level 2
  • Lightning Element Level 2

Arcane Magic 15

  • Mastery skill: Maximum overload
  • Flying Level 3
  • Magic Resistance Level 3

Combat Mastery 15

  • Mastery skill: Dual-wielding

Defense 7

  • Mastery skill: Defense master

Speech 5

  • Encouraging Speech Level 3


  • Picked up skeleton mages and filled out the selection of elements for them. Also got some more direct attack spells to choose from, though your skeletons are still going to out-dps you.
  • Abominations underperform in my experience, so I don’t suggest taking Raise abomination.
  • Dual-wielding is taken because two warped doomblades with +30% magic damage each is about 23% stronger than a single doomblade with astral fire in the offhand. Admittedly a large investment for a relatively small payoff, so you can skip this if you want to put your skill points elsewhere.
  • Defense master is a good boost to survivability, especially if your armor is embroidered with +500 HP. Magic resistance from the arcane magic tree is also a good choice for survivability vs. spellcasters.
  • Maximum overload makes skeletons considerably stronger for the brief time you can maintain the mana cost. Also makes your own damage a lot less pathetic if you ever feel like ditching the skeletons and killing things with direct damage spells.
  • Flight is a huge convenience for getting around and cheesing certain platforming challenges. Pro tip: magic overload increases your flight speed.
  • Encouraging speech is underwhelming by default, but becomes quite powerful for a minion build using the new runic forge.
  • Leftover skill points can pretty much just go wherever.
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