Stranded: Alien Dawn – Beginners Tips

Tips for Noobs

  1. Be proactive on these bug assaults go to them before they go to you. I use the fire and run away pulling a few some times they will get panicked and run back. Even when you get ash storm go if the enemy is there.
  2. Go wind in stead of the first solar panel you get. strive for the second tier solar panel. when you scrap things you lose some of the resource.
  3. Start working on clothing ASAP because it evaporates. Leather items are the way to go. Hold off farming as long as possible as soon as you lay one farm plot all hell will break loose. Be line for the freezer ASAP.
  4. Use the work schedule to make sure 10 11 12 oclock they will relax before bed. Do not schedule breaks in the day. No lunch breaks.
  5. The old guy will grant you the alcohol still tech for free. He make grain alcohol. Map Net-Sample i camped near the water source away from the vallley.
  6. Death Combo Long range sniper rifle, Concussion rile and laser pistol for the win. Send this combo out to greet your attackers and 50 or so enemies are a lot more manageable. You will have the time to build your base up.
  7. Somebody said Insect will run for any opening of the base, all of them that is NO. They will spread out and attacking all the walls closest to where you are. Their target is you if you are inside the a building they will attack any wall close to where you are.

Recommended Party

  1. Crazy Ken – send him on back to back explore missions on every mission you will never lack on scrap or components. He gets low happiness send him on a bug hunt. He is essential in my book.
  2. SLow Poke Greyson – do not send him off the base ever, he is too slow but he is a good researcher and crafter with 4X the speed. He is also is good at wood craft which is like 95% of the stuff you will use. He will be able to make clothing faster than anyone in the game.
  3. Venessa – is Gresyon wife she is medical help and she cheers up people with music
  4. Hann… people swear by Conner lol Hann is way better because he has 25% death shot chance and 100% if they do not see him…the thing is arm him with a rifle (long range) and some of his shot are instant death. especially if they are sleeping.
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