Coral Island – Energy Saving Guide (Early Game)

Guide to Energy Saving

Pace yourself and prioritize. I’m at Spring 19 sitting with all bronze tools, 13 water shrines unlocked, two temple collections done, two bag upgrades, and 40ish museum submissions, and I’ve barely used any stamina items.

The temptation is to clear your farm straight away because the mess is unsightly. But, don’t. Only clear as much as you need to give yourself room to farm and to get the wood you need for the items you need. Stone… you’ll be getting tons of that in the mines and you’ll need to spend some time there in order to get bronze for tool upgrades.

  • Don’t make any scarecrows until you get the quest and then only make one. The caravan shop/hippy guy sells a much better scarecrow for cheap.
  • Only plant about a 10×10 area, max.
  • Yes, there are sprinklers but one of the resources needed is really rare at the beginning and you won’t be able to make more than 1-2. They also don’t cover much area.
  • Forage. Rummage in every trash can. Pick everything up. Sell all foragables and fish you get other than the first one that goes to the museum.

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