Character Memories Farming

You can gain them by doing the battle tower and leveling up characters but that is only to a point, don’t level up second summon, mostly worthless, you can only get 15 per day from premium quest. Also events gives them for some characters.

Best places to farm memories is the battle tower. It does not cost any stamina/energy. You can also get them from the daily premium quests, event shops, co-op shops, and leveling up characters.

  • Battle Tower, as you can advance.
  • Leveling up characters will give a token amount.
  • Daily Premium Quests, just focus on the character you want.
  • Events often include memories.
  • And I’m not sure if I remember, but weekly Co-op shop might have some.

The main recurrent one is Premium Quests daily, but say when Sephiroth released, there were a lot of character release period missions that gave a LOT of his memories, and they’ll probably do the same with upcoming Yuffie.

Note: One tip when doing character memories is to NOT level up the secondary limit breaks until you get all the stat buffs filled out completely.

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