Exanima – Manual Save Tip

How to Manually Save a Game

For those of you that absolutely despise Exanima’s lack of saving, I have the solution for you!

If you want to manual save, its a LITTLE bit of a tedious process but so, so worth it for the times the game absolutely ♥ you, or bugs happen, or you get your rocked and dont want to have to start completely over.

Whenever you want to save, exit the game normally. You then have to create a “save game folder” for exanima, which can be put anywhere you like really. Youre thenn gonna go to:

  • Users>User>Appdata>Roaming>Exanima

There you will find ALL of your save files, for single player and arena. Simply copy paste your save files from there into your “save game folder” you made.

Relaunch exanima, get your rocked, exit game, go to your “save game folder” and copy paste your “saved” game back into your appdata>roaming>exanima folder and replace it.

When you relaunch exanima youll be right back where you “saved”

I know this is basically a cheat but the part about this game thats always, ALWAYS bothered me is no manual saves, so this is the next best option! If you create shortcuts and whatnot it doesnt take more than like 20 or 30 seconds to do the whole thing.

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