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Tips for Train Signals

Follow one train line at a time in the direction the train will travel. If there is a segment of track that you do not want your train to potentially stop in (such as an intersection), use a chain signal at the point where it can enter that segment.

Otherwise use the normal ones. Those are the fundamental concepts. The other stuff is just a more involved use of them.

If you follow your train down the track…

For Normal Signals:

Only 1 train can occupy any portion of the track between 2 normal signals at a time.

  • Normal – >Train> – Normal – >Train> – Normal

For Chain Signals:

Only 1 train can occupy any portion of the track between the chain signal and the segment after the next normal signal at a time. The space after needs to be clear and have enough room so the train passing through has someplace it can go.

  • Normal – >Train> – {Chain – Normal} – >Train> – Normal (Train will not pass through)
  • Normal – >Train> – {Chain – Normal} – Empty – Normal (Train will pass through if room)

For intersections, remember to just follow one path at a time through the intersection and signal accordingly. Do that for each path through the intersection that a train could take and you should be fine. You can do more robust things with intersections using more chain signals but these are the basics.

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