Dying Light 2 – Tips to Kill the Volatiles at Night

How to Kill the Volatiles at Night

First Tip

You will, there is a little trick to fight volatiles:

  • Max up your regeneration + toughness booster + UV flares.
  • Make sure that all your clothing parts together come on an infected resistance of 40+.

Note: Brawler gear can be bought from HARPER for some Harper tokens or can be found in the *yellow chests guarded by renegades during the day).

  • Take a good one hand melee weapon.

Note: Good weapons can be farmed from *yellow chests, legend lvl chests, replayable GRE anomalies, outpost chests).

  • Put on it FROST (crit freeze), FLING (crit blast) & EMPOWERMENT.
  • Now you can go out at night and hunt volatiles, but make sure that both boosters are active as long you are dealing with volatiles!
  • Especially the toughness booster is important, if this one went out, you will get killed one or two shot by a volatile, even with legend lvl 250!

Will say, keep always an eye on your boosters, else you will die!

Second Tip

Wait till you have the UV flashlight. Shine them in the face and they will be blinded for a few seconds, during that time whack them. If they start to recover shine them again. If you want your UV flashlight to last longer hammer the use button instead of pressing it continuously. If you feel you are outnumbered throw an UV bar or use your glider to escape.

I don´t use boosters for night hunts. Try to find as many inhibitors as possible, use them for health and stamina equally. Of course be always on the lookout for better gear to wear that gives you stamina bonus, increased damage against infected and damage resistances.

Best way to deal with Volatiles during a new game is not to be seen until you are stronger. So stay on the rooftops as long as possible and hide inside tall grass if a Volatile comes close and starts to scent you.

Bonus Tip

You can pretty much easily farm them in front of PKs main base. Just lure them to the UV lights and when they will be busy getting out of it, hit them and kill them. I farmed a lot of them this way and if u do it long enough u can get thousands of weapon xp or whatever its called. But be very careful. Sometimes with multiple volatiles theres a situation in which you get jumped on. By all of them at once which results in your instant death which once lost me nearly 5k weapon xp bonus.

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