Dying Light 2 – Maps (Facilities, Windmills, Bandit Camps, Metro Stations, GRE’s)

In this quick guide for the Dying Light 2: Stay Human game, you can find maps with locations of facilities, radio towers, windmills, bandit camps, metro stations, parkour challenges, GRE anomalies & GRE quarantine buildings!

Villedor Maps

All Facility Locations (7/7)

If you assign all facilities, you will get the Municipal Services achievement / trophy.

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All Windmill Locations (17/17)

If you activate all windmills, you will get the Don Quixote achievement / trophy.

All Bandit Camp Locations (4/4)

If you clear all bandit camps, you will get the Ban Hammer achievement / trophy.

All Metro Station Locations (9/9)

If you activate all metro stations, you will get the Tube Map achievement / trophy.

All GRE Anomaly Locations (12/12)

If you defeat all GRE anomalies, you will get the Revenants achievement / trophy.

All GRE Quarantine Building Locations (6/6)

If you collect all inhibitors hidden in GRE quarantine buildings, you will get the Can’t You Read the Signs? achievement / trophy.

All Nightrunner Trial Locations (10/10)

If you complete all nightrunner trials, you will get the True Nightrunner achievement / trophy.

All Airdrop Locations (26/26)

If you open all airdrops, you will get the Find Anything Interesting? achievement / trophy.

All Radio Tower Locations (5/5)

Unfortunately, there is no achievement / trophy after activating all the radio towers.

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