HighFleet – Tips and Tricks to Deal with Enemies

Tips and Tricks

The enemy has a rather predictable tracking when they lock onto you, and for the case of enemy seeming to fire a continuous salvo is due to how some ships in highfleet can’t fire due to the firing line being covered due to elevation (which seems to only apply to enemy atm).

To effectively evade an enemy salvo depends on weapon type but before the specifics here are some good tips:

Distance is key

Further you are, longer it takes for the enemy shells to reach you = more time to maneuver around them. Faster Ships can benefit more at closer ranges to outmaneuver their gun rotation speed.

Fool the Lock On

When the enemy reveals their firing lines (Red: HE/Incindiary, Yellow: AP, Blue: Proximity Fuse) Make a false direction. Once you see their salvo unload, Boost and shift momentum. It’s easier to do with a lighter ships. Although you might fool the initial salvo they will fix their firing line while they shoot, which is especially the case for 57mms and 37mm fire being a long firing time (SQUALL is an exception due to its horrible turret traversal).

37mm: If you have armor you can ignore it usually, they will hardly do damage to armor but unarmored ships will get shredded to pieces, staying far is usually a good option but might take a few stray hits due to its inaccuracy once it hits range. For a small ship I recommend a brief period of burst of boosting to outpace the cannon’s.

57mm: Slower firing vs the 37mm variant, but can do significant damage and chip away your armor if you let it. Although less ammo than the 37mm it fires much longer due to slower firing rate. You’ll have to use boosters a bit longer to outmaneuver but if your ship has the firepower, you can out gun their shots with 37mm or your 57mm in kind.

100mm: Fast Reloading and Firing. They are especially dangerous on a gladiator since they fire 16 rounds of 100mm barrage in a quick instance and fire again in less than 5 seconds. Distance might be finnicky as its innate inaccuracy will make it have a larger salvo coverage which is dangerous on larger ships and even more so on small ships. Similar to the 57mm you’ll have to make a long burst of boosting to avoid the salvo or out gun it with sheer firepower.

130mm: Slower than the AK-100’s fire rate overall but has a tighter accuracy cone and faster projectile. If your ship is maneuverable you can play your distance and dodge their salvo. Faster ships can play in much more closer range thanks to the 130mm cannon’s tight accuracy you can effectively be up close and personal.

180mm: Slower Projectile compared to the rest but also deals heavy damage. Luckily Majority of 180mm cannon wielding ships’ salvo is only 2 shots per cannon (Sarmat).

For SQUALL cannon ships you can outmaneuver via distance thanks to its horrendous turret traversal from close or even longrange. In case of inability to avoid using firepower such as 57mm & 37mm can mitigate some shots via interception.

220mm: Rockets are easily shut down with 37mm fire, you can easily fool the lock on as the missile retains a part of the ships’ momentum. However getting hit by them inflicts devastating damage.

Tips on being accurate

  1. Set Aiming Line to long: Easy way to make a good reference of firing. It also lengthens the line when your aiming cursor touches the enemy ship for MRL 220.
  2. Your Ship’s Movement affects the shell’s flight: If your ship is cartwheeling your cannons need time to realign while flying in an angle, make sure you stabilize your ship by either setting it upright or maintaining current angle of flight. Upwards and Downward movement helps with firing enemies ascending or descending (Especially the case for 220mm Rocket Launcher).
  3. Look the enemy’s Booster direction: By looking at their booster’s ignition you can quickly guess their flight direction and make it easier to lead your shots.
  4. Take the Shot!: Firing a ranging shot helps with how far you have to adjust for shooting.
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