DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Gameplay Tips for Survivors

Survivors Tips

I’ve been playing since the first beta so I thought I’d mention some tips that may make your gameplay a lot smoother as a survivor. Feel free to add new tips or change mine if you think they can be improved by doing something differently.

  • If the raider is camping the last key area and you don’t have enough level to fight him, don’t go there only to die within 15 seconds. Farm power cubes in other areas instead and ping the remaining cubes so other survivors can get to level 3 too. Not only you will have a better chance at defeating him, but you’ll also avoid feeding him since he will just waste time patrolling the key zone.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend the gold (zeni) you’ve farmed all game in the orange machines that give power cubes and green machines that give a drink which replenishes the D gauge and allows you to fight again a lot sooner.
  • Don’t resurrect people if the raider is proxy camping them. Seriously. Don’t do it. Wait for a teammate who’s strong to fight him and keep him busy or leave your teammate to die if it’s too risky to go for the save (for example if you don’t have any abilities/items available to escape or fight after res).
  • If the raider’s level is 1 number above yours, you will never damage him by going melee, and can only do it from a distance. Still, you won’t really do much with ranged attacks, so avoid fighting if you can and use your transformation to flee instead, playing with corners and mountains to break line of sight.
  • Your active skills are your best friends in this game. Call that pod and get to a different area to set the key as fast as possible. Use that grappling hook to go to the furthest point you can find mid chase and lose the raider. And yes, do all this even while transformed. Sometimes it’s more efficient to use an escape ability than to fly away.
  • Ping everything you think it’s important. If you aim at the object it will show its shape instead of the regular location ping, so other survivors that are nearby and might need power cubes more than you will get stronger thanks to your help.
  • Always pay attention to who has the dragon balls and, once all 7 have been found, get together to have one player carry them all and make the wish. Be careful if you don’t have them all, though, as it’s risky to give 6 balls to one player in case the raider kills them and gets an easy wish. Remember that if the raider has a ball, you can hit him to make him drop it.
  • Don’t 1v1 the raider with the intention to kill unless you clearly overpower him and have at least 1 golden drink to get your D power back instantly. Under normal circumstances you will never take more than a 50% of his life in one sitting, and after the transformation is over you will become an easy target very fast. Teamwork is essential in this game for a reason.
  • Caves are a good place to hide if you hear the heartbeat increasing (please hide if you hear it, or at least don’t just mindlessly run around). I personally crouch in one side and use solar flare to stun the raider as soon as he enters the cave. 99% of the time he doesn’t expect it, and it gives me enough time to go out and use the grappling hook or fly away with kaioken rush.
  • Sharing is caring in asym games. If you have a barrier recovery device and no intention to fight anytime soon, give it to the teammate you just resurrected. If you have a golden drink but a low level and one of your teammates is strong enough to fight the raider a second time, don’t be afraid to give it to them and use valuable time to speed up the machine, set a key or help a fallen teammate.
  • In late game, some supplies will be dropped that you can find with a green beam. Unless the raider is proxy camping them, it’s always a good idea to go get them as they will give you large power cubes and drinks to get back your D power a lot sooner. This will help you fight and keep the raider busy while other people speed up the machine, or maybe even kill him if you coordinate with your team.
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