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Raider Tips

To mirror the good tips end for the Survivors, for those of you wanting to cause their demise here’s a few things to keep in mind that may help you out as the game progresses.

  • While hunting for Survivors and having no clue of their whereabouts, fly low or outright run on the ground this doesn’t slow you down in the slightest and prevents Survivors from knowing your exact position/being tagged until your practically on top of one of them. They will naturally be alerted by their heartbeats when your nearby but if they have no idea where you are its likely going to be all the more easy to surprise them. (Feel free to fly high when fighting/pursuing someone though, or to check area around you if you know there’s multiple about)
  • Survivors will find a lot of items overall but sometimes they will need to buy their things from vending machines, destroy them with a ki blast as you go by and cut off their emergency supplies. (Especially D-Change and Cooldown drink machines!) The vending machines are in pre set locations each map and never seem to change. Making it easy to learn even as a Survivor and then deny its use in future as a Raider when going through the area.
  • Each time you evolve you gain access to Area Destruction. Do not use it immediately unless your falling behind! It can be used to escape if there’s multiple survivors trying to attack you and waste their transformation. You can destroy an area with multiple downed survivors near each other to spread the downed ones to neighbouring areas. Wasting their down time and making any active survivors escape and likely flee to those sides where they’ll no doubt start trying to revive them which you can chase up. If you keep an eye on the top left corner you can see when Survivors have a key for each area indicated by the black outline becoming white they haven’t put down yet, if your keeping pressure on them, destroy it to slow their time overall in the finale. If your falling behind and they have one area left, destroy any but the final area to prevent the last showdown from triggering (ideally if possible have it so it forces them through the X area by destroying the other areas next to it. The X zone usually has the least supplies and is basically considered your zone) Use that time to pick off any remaining civilians or weaker players to get as strong as possible. This single ability has a lot of strength, don’t waste it and use it accordingly.
  • Civilians matter! They give both you and Survivors some charge, try your best to limit how much Survivors get while maximising your own! Cell always gets a set amount of charge so if your playing as him, go mad though you won’t get much at lvl 3. As Frieza, Aim for Namekians and if you can tell via a radar aim for ones WITHOUT dragon balls. Namekians not carrying dragon balls give Frieza the most charge. While humans and Namekians carrying them give the least so you can ignore them unless your just cleaning the area up or need that little extra charge (or your making a dragonball play) It may seem silly to ignore the threat of dragon balls but doing this usually will keep you ahead of some Survivors and you’ll usually find some unlucky Survivor carrying one at some point.
  • Listen carefully, Survivors actions are pretty loud overall, even if you can’t see them usually you can hear them a fair distance away. (Roughly 100m if not more or less) Reviving, Rescuing Civilians, Moving without being crouched or changed, Jumping into the water or leaving it, Opening an item box, deploying a skill such as saiyan pod, Moving near a vending machine. All make distinct sounds! Most survivors are ignorant in how far away you are, take advantage of their blissful ignorance and make them pay for anything they dare to do near you. Try to keep note of the terrain and things around to help you connect where a Survivor is when you hear these noises.
  • Escape Skill! If your being attacked and stunlocked by multiple survivors, be sure to use your escape skill! Cell’s After Image will make him vanish into multiple more and can be cancelled at any time with another action. So you can use your Area Destruction if you have it to flee outright, you can attempt to fly away as you do move faster than Survivors in flight and of course you can attempt to fight back but keep in mind you’ll have a 30 second cooldown (without upgrades which do decrease the time it takes marginally) until you can do it again so if your hit here, it might not be good for you. Frieza’s Breakstrike emits a small AOE around himself, pushing Survivors back, not cancellable but recovers fast enough to let you make the same decisions as you would as Cell. Frieza also can evolve through combat as he takes damage so he has an additional way of breaking out of stuns. Just don’t make it easy for Survivors to pin you down, there’s no shame in backing away when there’s multiple of them, they are on a timer however, you are not. Use the time on your side to make it harder for them.
  • Understand Combat, In a fight, you’ll ‘lock on’ to Survivors naturally and a target icon will be a single reticle will appear around them if they are a fair distance away, meaning your attack will be ranged ki blasts. When your closer a second reticle appears around them and mixes in with the first, this means you’ll go for a melee attack. Try to keep your opponent in view at all times and watch the target so you don’t do the wrong thing. (Assuming you’ll go for a melee hit but instead fire a ki blast and vice versa) Melee attacks can beat out special attack priority and clash with other melee strikes. KI blasts cannot beat out special attacks/skills but will cause damage to them regardless. Special attacks do the most damage or fit certain situations. This all does apply for Survivors too. Combat on its core usually devolves into rock paper scissors as players predict/react to what the other will do. (In a 1v1 anyway)
  • Hide the dragonballs! This is under utlized by both Raider and Survivors but this is far more important for the Raider as being hit by a survivor regardless if you take damage or not, will cause you to drop any dragonballs your carrying. Which in combat with multiple survivors around you can be sure some sneaky surv is going to try grabbing them while your occupied. If your only holding a dragonball to prevent Survivors getting them all It might be best to drop the dragonball somewhere before you move to attack them. Radars can and will show Survivors if you hold one or not, so if your showing up clean they have less reason to try dogpiling you to grab the final dragonballs and have no idea where you’ve left your own. Pull a Vegeta basically.
  • Don’t sleep on your skills! Cell and Frieza both have their own with differing advantages. Cell’s KI sense is great for finding survivors nearby and gets better each evolution. Use if you lost sight of a survivor who slipped away from you or your unsure if there’s someone nearby. (Just be sure to sit still as you use it and don’t accidentally cancel it before you’ve checked surroundings.) Frieza can call upon Zarbon and Dodoria to assist him, they don’t just add as extra ranged attacks in combat, they also can be used as scouts and guards. you can have them watch over key areas/objectives and alert you if they spot someone. If there’s a downed survivor and you know someone is nearby waiting to interrupt you. send them out to guard you while you finish their friend off. Are Survivors all hiding around the Super time machine trying to finish it because your lvl 4 Cell and you can’t quite shoot them? Fly right up to the other side of the machine and use Perfect Barrier, it’ll force them away from it and deal damage if they refuse to move. Rough examples but as said, don’t hesitate to use them as they all can come in handy in situations.
  • Watch the Sky! While its you that rules the sky usually, keeping an occasional eye on it can give many tells. Where the escape points are with blue beams, has a Survivor called a Saiyan Pod and going somewhere? Not sure where the areas your keeping track off are? Well if they have a yellow beam coming from it to the big sky machine, Survivors have done that area, so you best scout an area lacking that beam. Is it the finale? Look for green beams, that’s where Survivors have gotten supplies, prevent Survivors getting strong enough to fight you. Your targets and objectives are on the ground but don’t ignore the sky completely. It can give you more info than you might think.
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