Project Wunderwaffe – How to Get Down to the Resources

How to Build Downwards

You cannot build an elevator on a tunnel, but you have to connect one elevator to another WITH a tunnel if you are making another elevator not in line with the first one.

The best way to do it I have found is to place your elevator first, where you want to go up and down at, then build a tunnel sideways to the elevator. It can be at the top bottom or middle of the elevator, anywhere along it.

If you have, say, a set of rooms, or there are resources in the way and you have to make another elevator in another spot, the beginning of the elevator has to be on the same level, and connected by a room or tunnel, i.e. you cannot put the top of an elevator next to the bottom of another elevator and have them connect, there must be one tunnel space, or one room, between the first elevator and the second elevator.

Remember, if you have already made a tunnel you CANNOT place an elevator on top of it, only next to it. It considers tunnels as another Room just like an Elevator tile is a Room,


  • E = Elevator
  • T= Tunnel
  • R = Room
  • : = Dirt
E ::::::::::::::::::::::::: E
E ::::::::::::::::::::::::: E
E T E::::::::::::::::::: E
::::::E::::::::::::::::::: E
::::::E R R R R R E

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