Divinity: Original Sin – How to Solve Hiberheim / Wishing Well Lava Room Puzzle

Solution for Hiberheim / Wishing Well Lava Room Puzzle

Gamers asking for help with the puzzle with the two lava rooms by the abducted wishing well in Hiberheim, and as I found some of the advice confusing or even wrong (maybe it has changed with the EE, or even in a later EE version), here’s how I solved it in the Enhanced Edition:

  • First, there’s no chance to open the doors when you’re teleported to Hiberheim by the wishing well’s brother, you need to enter from the other side where you will arrive in due course by questing, but only when you’re in the next area after Cyseal, so if you’re still in Cyseal, just be patient.
  • The monster (forgot the name) guarding the stairway to the area is very hard to kill; I slowly whittled its hitpoints down, you can do that with patience, but I think there is an easier way: If I remember correctly, the four switches you can stand on on top of the first flight of stairs activate a lava field there, so I assume the intended way to do this is luring the monster to where the lava will appear and kill it that way.
  • When you go up the stairs, there is a lever before you go through the door, somewhat hidden in a shrubbery. Pulling that lever, the sentinel in the room to the left where there’s no lava (which activates lava if it spots you) disappears. In that room, destroy the crystals. Split your group. There’s a switch that was hidden where one of the crystals was. Let two characters stand on that switch and the switch in the center of the room. This removes the lava from the room on the other side. Now you can go using another character (leaving the two others on the switches) and pull a lever in that other room. That lever in turn will open the gate in the room with the two switches. Now, you can go there and pull the lever behind that gate. Go back to former lava room, where now the gate to the chest will open.

Oh, and for the wishing well quest itself, the scroll to free the well is in King Boreas’ treasure chamber. There’s sound advice on how to reach that chamber in other threads. I’ll just note that now you can simply buy a skillbook for the Scoundrel ability “Walk in Shadows” from Vometia in Silverglen, as much of the advice says that this ability is not available from regular sellers, apparently this has changed.

I hope I remembered everything correctly. Corrections welcome (I’m not quite sure that it was really the lever to the left of the main entrance that deactivates the sentinel guarding the room without lava, but I *think* it disappeared after I pulled it.)

Come to think of it (I suppose I can leave the spoiler markers after the first post in this spoiler-marked thread), I’m really not sure what exactly it was that deactivated the lava-activating sentinel in the “non-lava-room” (the room with the lever behind a grille). Maybe it was even the switch that destroys the sentinels guarding King Boreas’ treasure room, from all the distance. What I know is that the sentinel was no longer there when I visited a second time, and in the meantime, I was in the treasure room to get the scroll for the wishing well…

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