Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – Tips for Starting Out (Talk to Animals)

Starting Out Tips

Do take Pet Pal as soon as possible and talk to any and all animals in the game.

The skill is used throughout to add flavour, context and even quests to help on your journey. I think it’s generally accepted that it’s a required skill for a first run through the game.

Once you’ve cleared up what you can in the town venture out west (not the beach) and head up towards the light house, there will be a few tough fights with groups of skeletons, but everything should be your level or 1 higher, in this game keep searching for packs your level, if it’s higher level you’re probably going the wrong direction for now.

What I wish I knew before I started was that this game isn’t totally flexible, you do need to exploit weaknesses as much as possible.

Your character with the highest Lore skill should Examine (right click) enemies, it doesn’t take an action point, this will show their resists, for the skeletons as the beginning you’re going to want blunt weapons on your melee characters to get crushing damage.

Aside from that learn your elemental combinations as much as possible, such as poison and fire making explosions.

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