Deadlink – Tips to Beat Endless Wave 100

How to Beat Endless Wave 100

If you can’t beat it then you’re probably missing some important upgrades that you haven’t found/unlocked yet.

Not to sound like I’m bragging, but I just did a run and got to wave 208 (the only reason it ended was that it bugged out on me and I couldn’t move/shoot, so, naturally, I died).

With the right perks/mods, you can become pretty unstoppable.

Couple of Tips

Very useful mods

  • Money Shot – try to get this EARLY. More money = more upgrades.
  • I forget the name of the mod, but if you can secure the one that heals you for weak-shot kills, it’ll definitely increase your survivability.
  • I forgot the name of this mod as well, but i found the mod that increases your next shot’s damage by 60% (base) to be very effective.
  • Also, there’s a c-ball mod that makes you immune to damage for X amount of time.

Arc Launcher – great early secondary weapon (and if you pair it with Money Shot, you can kill several enemies and get paid for all of them with one shot. Particularly, you can farm with the drones that spawn the smaller suicide drones.

Wait for all 4 of the small drones and then pop them with the moneyshot/arc and you just got paid between 16-24 credits. And, assuming your first shot didn’t kill them, then wait for more suicide drones and do it again). The rail-gun is also pretty good for this as well.

Try using some of the 2-power abilities in the C-ball slot (instead of waiting for your skill to recharge, just tag another c-ball).

Stun is also very important for the enemies that spawn with increased speed.

While i don’t feel that the map is very balance, there are definitely better spots to be hanging around than others, try to find a loop around the areas of the map that keep you moving, but also keep your basic needs and pickups nearby.

Hope this helps!

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