Dark Souls III – Sister Friede Tips

Friede exclusive tips.

Tips to Fight Sister Friede

  1. Have frost curing moss in quickslot.
  2. Running attacks – use them.
  3. Lightning and dark hurt her the most – use resins if you aren’t mage.
  4. If with summon – try to fish for backstab and load dmg into her once she is standing up.

General Tips

Once you hitted her try to hit again. Don’t mash your attack button swinging your stamina into air. Maybe simple, but as phantom I’ve seen multiple cases where whole combo was landing in front of boss instead into him.

One hit is ok. Don’t try to load “max” dmg into her if you aren’t sure what “max” is. 2 attempts (1 failed) are slower than 1 steady, longer fight.

Try to summon someone – but ONLY 1 guy if you have problem (prefer player over npc). The more the merrier but with multiple summons all the bosses going into dmg sponge mode. Biggest advantage with summon is you have someone to distract the boss. One extra person do that good enugh…most of the time.

After few failed attempts take a brake, Calm down.

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