Sonic Frontiers – Tips for Master King Koco Trial

Useful Tips

Easy for better parry window on second boss. Also for all bosses attack attack stomp. If you can get it in attack attack cyloop attack attack stomp.

First Boss:

After following that combo a few times, he’ll wind up for an attack, parry it. Then you can hit Y+B, then immediately jump back into attacking. If you cyloop, he’ll be thrown up into the air and you can easily do the attack attack stomp until his health goes to half. In the second phase, if you do manage to cyloop him, be warned that he’ll attack you once up in the air, parry this to attack, otherwise, he’ll escape the cyloop.

If read that you can sidestep the laser attack in second phase and you can avoid the bite attack by charging at the stomach as he winds up for it.

Second Boss:

Second boss is essentially going to be the same. But it’s kind of janky right now. And it sucks because you once you do go Super Sonic, you waste time waiting for a missile attack to parry and then for him to slash at you so you can parry that before you can even begin to attack.

And if that isn’t bad enough, I’ve actually been struck by a second missile as I’m flying up after parrying a missile at him. Hell I even parried a second missile once only for him to slash me during the second missile parry.

Anyways, if you can cyloop a hand, it’ll chain him opening him up to your attack attack stomp combo. You’ll notice like the first, he’ll eventually go to attack, which can be parried and if you elect, you can Y+B after. Second phase, pretty much the same as the first but now after a missile parry, you have to parry two slash attacks. And if that’s not enough even if you do manage to whittle his health down almost to zero, it will trigger several QTEs that can’t be skipped.

Third Boss:

And finally the third boss. This one is annoying. Congrats if you manage to make it with over 150 rings. It’s still doable, but say goodbye to your rings if you get hit before going Super Sonic. If you do get hit, pretty much say goodbye to your current run.

Once in the fight, use your combo again to attack. Not sure what portion has to be cylooped here, but if you can it’ll stun him giving you an opening to really whittle the health down. And like the others he will eventually attack after combo-ing him a few times (it can again be parried). Second phase, you’ll need to parry the shield into him. Sadly the second phase also is a bit of luck. Even if you properly aim the shield back at him, it has the chance to miss and you’ll have to parry it all over again and try to hit him again.

In the end, I can’t tell you how many tries it took me. More than several hands worth at least and I was playing on easy for the easier parry window.

I think by end of first boss, I had around 310 rings, and then by end of second boss around 180-200.

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